Our Clients
Located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Janis Technologies, Inc. (“Janistech”) serves both small and mid-sized businesses and large organizations spanning several industries, including distribution, manufacturing, media, healthcare, non-profits, government, legal services and academic institutions. Although most of our clients are in Pennsylvania, Janistech also services organizations in surrounding states, such as Maryland and Delaware.

We help our clients to be successful, and this is evidenced in our past accomplishments. At Milestone Traditions, Inc. of Exton, we implemented a specialized accounting system for support of the sale of class rings, watches and academic products for 300 colleges and universities across the country. Another client, MARCO Meeting and Convention Supplies, Inc., experienced the positive results of a customized accounting system in handling their diverse distribution needs.

At Penn State’s Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Janistech provided software and database services to various departments including the Children’s Heart Group, the Children’s Miracle Network, Anesthesia and Family Medicine and Medical Education. Similar services were rendered for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Other clients have included: Pennsylvania’s Office of the Attorney General; Commemorative Brands, Inc.; Darby Boro; Duquesne University; Greenray Industries; IBM; Movie Merchants; and North Middletown Township.

We pride ourselves on integrity and quality service, which is why we have never lost a single client to our competitors. Here is what some of our clients have to say about Janistech’s superior service.


CDL Printing and Packaging (CDL)
CDL Printing and Packaging (CDL - www.cdlinc.com) chose Janis Technologies, Inc. to build their customized accounting solution. Don Murphy of CDL says, “I just wanted to extend my thanks and my appreciation for all you have done to help us through our tough times. You have been prompt, cordial, and most of all knowledgeable of the software, our needs, and the requested fixes. You have made this conversion...enjoyable!”

MARCO Meeting and Convention Supplies, Inc.
MARCO (www.marcomeetings.com), an international supplier of meeting and promotional items, has been an AccountMate user since the mid-1980s. Having AccountMate in place, Janistech has customized a solution to meet their aggressive growth goals while maintaining a high level of service to MARCO. Kenneth Arch, president of MARCO, says "Visual AccountMate has provided the foundation to consistently grow our customer base, and to allow us to meet our mutual goal of making our customers' meetings and promotions a success."

Wilmot Company, Inc.
The Wilmot Company, Inc. (www.wilmotco.com), a manufacturer of rivetless chain, is also a long-time AccountMate user. Implementing the latest version of AccountMate, president Glenn Cole says "I manage the business from Pittburgh now and couldn't be happier with VAM and its capabilities...all-in-all, VAM does everything we really need."

AccountMate Testimonials (The following are not Janistech customers, but satisfied AccountMate users.)

Violet Packing CEO Lou Scalfani
Having access to the new reporting capabilities has given Violet Packing CEO Lou Scalfani, a more confident position making Violet’s everyday business decisions. “Having instant access to detailed reports puts us in a position to make informed decisions and identify market opportunities when there is still time to act. We’re in a much stronger position today than we were before we implemented Visual AccountMate,” he said.

Oxboro Medical President Matt Bellin
Within minutes of having his AccountMate system up and running, Matt Bellin was awed by what he saw on-screen. “I couldn’t believe it. Within 2 minutes, I was able to navigate through the system. It’s so intuitive and user-friendly! I didn’t need any training and I didn’t have to use the manual. I was immediately comfortable entering orders and generating invoices, and with hundreds of orders per day, that’s the most important process in our company. We can efficiently and effectively track over 500 SKUs with our integrated lot-tracking system. We can really manage our inventory now! With the system so seamlessly integrated, we can now sell all of our products through our telemarketing team.”