Janis Technologies, Inc. provides many different software packages to help grow your company and ultimately save you money. We can suggest the software that will complement the size, structure and purpose(s) of your company. We also offer numerous software enhancements, so that you can provide additional functionality to your software as your company evolves.

Financial Information / Accounting Software

AccountMate is a premiere accounting software package with customizable source code that allows you to adapt it to the way you do business. Its many modules include Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Accounts Receivable, Sales Order, Bank Reconciliation, Consolidated Ledger, Inventory, Price Control and Payroll, to name a few. Written from the ground up in 32-bit Visual FoxPro object-oriented code, VAM can be customized to
fit the way you like to do business. It is user-friendly and available in both LAN and MS SQL platforms. Janistech will install, customize, train and provide technical support for several different versions of AccountMate that cater to the diverse needs of small, mid-size and large businesses in many different industries.


Contact Manager

By implementing GoldMine’s® Business Contact Manager, you can boost sales for your company. Now, at a fraction of the cost and time to get your entire office up and running, you can enjoy the benefits that were previously only available to larger corporations. This program can help you manage sales opportunities, integrate with existing applications (e.g., Microsoft® Outlook & QuickBooks® Pro/Premier 2002), analyze sales and marketing efforts, and “mobilize” your information with a Synchronization Wizard that keeps calendar and contact information up-to-date on your PDA or laptop while you travel. For more information, visit www.frontrange.com/ProductsSolutions/subcategory.aspx?id=80&ccid=15.

Business Intelligence Software

Janistech is an authorized reseller of WorkWise Software’s applications (Business Alerts and Data Agent Server). WorkWise helps simplify key business activities to create greater efficiency in the workplace. For more information, visit www.workwise.com.

Business Alerts
Business Alerts monitors databases, searches for particular criteria or events and delivers the information to the right people at the right time. Janistech can install Business Alerts to screen the databases of your core business applications for specified activity and communicate details about that activity to the appropriate customers and personnel via email.

Data Agent Server (DAS)
An upgrade to Business Alerts is Data Agent Server, which automates workflow, integration and business processes across multiple applications and updates databases and Microsoft Back Office. DAS also prints and delivers reports, executes SQL statements, launches other programs and more. In addition to Business Alerts, DAS has the ability to move, add, or change records between databases automatically.

Freight Automation

The StarShip software has the potential to dramatically enhance your customer service performance by integrating financial systems and providing a more efficient way to ship orders. Starship comes with UPS support, but modules for U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, and Airborne Express are also available. StarShip helps your accounting department to be more efficient by automatically updating orders with freight charges and tracking information. For more information, visit www.vtechnologies.com/products_starship.html.

F9-Financial Reporting Application
F9 links accounting data directly into your spreadsheets, meaning you can use a preferred spreadsheet application and present intelligent questions about your General Ledger. For more information, visit www.f9.com.

Business Management Tools

Visual AccountMate is ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, because it can be customized quickly and easily to fit your organizational needs, and because it is written from the ground up in 32-bit Visual FoxPro object-oriented code. Janistech offers it in both LAN and MS SQL platforms. For more information, visit http://www.accountmate.com/am6/am6_bi.asp.

Your organization can utilize Crystal Reports® to transform data into presentation-quality information for better decisions. Crystal Reports can access almost any data source, including Microsoft® Access, Microsoft Excel, XML, OLAP and relational data sources. For more information, visit www.businessobjects.com.