Software/Database Design
We Help Organize Vital Information. Janistech also helps clients develop company databases and customize software to store and track vital company information. These services may include sales analysis tools, new reports, specialized databases and integration services, to name a few.


We Customize Accounting Software to Suit Your Business. Many of the companies we service have acute accounting or financial issues that demand immediate attention. Janistech develops specialized accounting software for financial information/accounting purposes, with programs such as Visual Accountmate. Visual Accountmate allows virtually unlimited potential for customizing the software to your business’s unique marketplace, so your accounting system can change as your company grows and develops.


We Identify the Problem and Prescribe the Best Solution. At Janistech, we believe in a kind of consultation that is based on the Latin definition of the root word “consultare,” which means to think with or confer. We do not just offer fast advice, we take the time to listen to our clients and work with them to address their concerns. The first step in appropriately addressing any company’s IT concerns lies in understanding the client, their concerns and the desired results. Janistech takes the time to become familiar with each client, to identify the problem and its source, and to present a comprehensive and affordable solution. We provide on-site consultation, considering every aspect of your company and your industry when diagnosing and prescribing a solution. With Janistech, your company doesn’t waste valuable dollars on ineffective or unnecessary “solutions.” Instead, we get right to the source of the problem and present the best possible solution.


We Support Everything We Sell . . . Even After We’ve Sold It. Once Janistech has installed your software, we offer around-the-clock support to guarantee your questions are always answered in a timely manner. We also provide other software maintenance services such as virus detection and removal, software audits, data analysis, solving software configuration issues, and researching solutions to Windows problems.


If We Cannot Help You, We Will Find Someone Who Can. The Janistech team is a group of experts who find solutions to IT problems. We have formed strong alliances with other IT networking and hardware companies over the years. If an issue is outside of our expertise, we can recommend one of our partners who can speak directly to your needs.

Technical Summary