To meet the unique technological needs of our valued customers with customizable, cost-effective business management solutions and dedicated, superior service.

We Provide Software Solutions that Grow Your Company.

Janis Technologies, Inc. (“Janistech”) is an Information Technology consulting firm providing specialized software services to a variety of organizations in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. At Janistech, our team understands how to help organizations enhance productivity by maximizing the use of the right software applications. We provide our clients with cost-effective software solutions that considerably increase employee efficiency and improve overall company workflow. The Janistech team can apply the best software solutions and provide the necessary technical support to solve IT problems, from the simplest to the complex.

We Keep Your Company Current and Competitive.

More specifically, Janis Technologies, Inc. (“Janistech”) provides the following services: accounting software, designing customized software and associated database applications, and providing specialized software to support financial professionals. By optimizing the use of an organization’s software applications and by integrating existing systems, we save company dollars and minimize payroll costs. The services and products provided by Janistech help you maximize the value of the critical data your company depends on to stay competitive. And as your company evolves, we offer software upgrades and enhancements to keep your IT systems evolving with you.

We Provide Honest Consultation and Complete IT Solutions.

Since our inception in 1998, Janis Technologies, Inc. has been committed to providing honest and valuable consultation to every client. We are driven by integrity and the desire to provide complete IT solutions. Janistech has spent many years building strong alliances with a number of hardware and networking companies. Whether offering consultation, installing software, providing technical support and maintenance, or simply recommending the services of a hardware or networking firm, Janistech is ready and able to address your company’s most challenging IT needs within your company’s budget.